Computers and Printing at the Library

Computers and Printing at the Library


We are currently offering mobile print pickups! If you need a document printed, you can follow the instructions below to print and pick up your pages. See instructions for details and pickup hours.

Bedford Public Library Mobile Print Pickup. Mon-Thur: 10 am-6 pm, Fri&Sat: 10 am-5pm. 1. Park and submit print jobs. Connect to our WiFi network (BedLib-Guest) from the Bedford Public Library parking lot. Follow the instructions for submitting a mobile print job. 2. Call us. Call us from outside at (812) 275-4471 to let us know that you’ve submitted your print job. Pull around to the K Street entrance of the Library to pick up your prints. 3. Grab your print job and go! A BPL staff member will place a labeled envelope containing your prints on a table located at the K Street (East) entrance of the Library.

Print from any device! 1. Connect to our network: BedLib-Guest. 2. Download the file to your device. 3. Go to: 4. Log in using the username print and password 1234. 5. Click the green buttons to continue to each next step. 6. Select printer: Public Lab. 7. Select the amount of copies you need. 8. Upload your document. 9. Click Upload & Complete, then pick up your prints!

We have a variety of computer and printing options available for you!

Free WiFi

If you have your own computer or mobile device, you can use our free guest WiFi. We have high-speed WiFi spots available throughout our Library, and we have numerous outlets so you can plug in or charge while you work.

Wireless Printing

We also offer Wireless Printing for your own laptop or mobile device. You can view printing instructions here or ask our staff if you need assistance.

Public Computers

(Some limitations may apply. Ask for availability.) If you don't have your own laptop or mobile device, we have computers available for adults, children, teens and families. Ask our staff for assistance, and we can direct you to the computer area that best suits your needs. We also have Express Computers available for walk-up use when you're in a hurry. Printing is available from all Library computer areas. Options for scanning are also available.