Activities, Meetings, Business

No activity, meeting, or business may be conducted in Bedford Public Library or on its grounds that is affiliated with a nongovernmental business, agency, or person that generates a fee for that agency, business, or person.

Adopted by the Bedford Public Library Board March 19, 2014. Reaffirmed March 16, 2022.

Collection Development and Access Policy

The Bedford Public Library will provide our community with Endless Possibilities through access to our collection and services. These materials and services will inform, entertain, and enhance the lives of our taxpayers.

The Bedford Public Library is not merely a building holding physical materials. New formats in materials and delivery of materials are constantly emerging and will continue to do so. Our community benefits when the Library provides access to these new formats. The Library strives to be a local leader in providing access to technological applications to the community by actively investigating and embracing new applications that can enhance our community.

The Library provides a system-wide collection in a variety of environments:  the library building, through our web site, and via Outreach Services programming. All collections and applications are developed and maintained to support the Bedford Public Library Strategic Plan.

The Library seeks to provide access to additional resources for our community by actively partnering with a variety of nonprofit organizations. The Library participates in interlibrary loan networks and local agreements to make materials not in the collection available for customers.

Collection development is the ongoing process of assessing materials available for purchase or licensing and deciding on their inclusion and/or retention. The Library organizes, and makes available materials of contemporary significance and long-term value. The collection is reviewed and revised on an ongoing basis to meet current needs. Collections are contemporary and popular, and not archival. Collections provide general coverage of subjects and reflect the characteristics of the community. Materials are withdrawn from the collection to maintain the collection's usefulness, currency, and relevance.

The Library will provide access to materials and services in a wide variety of traditional as well as innovative formats. New formats may be made available without individual selection by Library staff. To ensure equitable and efficient access, materials may be subject to use limitations. Parents and legal guardians have the responsibility for supervising their children's use of library materials in any format. The Library administration will review the selection of a specific item upon receipt of a completed Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials form from a Bedford Public Library cardholder.

Suggestions and requests from Library cardholders for specific materials and formats are actively encouraged. Materials are evaluated using criteria including, but not limited to: public demand and/or interest; timeliness and/or significance of the subject; quality of writing, design, illustration or production; support of the Library’s Strategic Plan; suitability of format for Library use; attention from professional critics and reviews; cost; space considerations; and contribution to a balanced collection. Donated materials are accepted according to the Donations Guidelines.

Approved March 2013.

Computer and Internet Use Policy

Staff will assist Library customers in using their own or library computers/mobile devices as time permits. We are happy to help with simple questions as needed.

Bedford Public Library laptops may be checked out for personal use while in the Library. Time on these computers may be limited if others are waiting.

Children must use computers located in Child/Teen Services. Computers in Child/Teen Services are also available to parents and caregivers who have children under 12 with them. Children and teens will be given priority on all computers located on this floor.

Computer equipment/mobile devices may be checked out to customers for use only while in the Library. Law enforcement may be called to retrieve any device removed from the Library.

Parents or guardians are responsible for supervising and approving their child’s use of the Internet at the Bedford Public Library. The Safe Child Policy for the Library requires all children less than 12 to be supervised by a parent or caregiver 14 years of age or older.

All Bedford Public Library computer systems are filtered to protect against access to obscenity, child pornography, and sexually explicit graphical materials as required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act of 2001. Filtering software is not 100 percent effective; parents and or guardians must assume responsibility for a minor's Internet use. The Library does not act “in loco parentis”; therefore, a parent or a guardian is responsible for their child’s use of the Internet. Some programs or applications may be blocked by our computer equipment and are not available.


  • Illegal use that violates state or federal law.
  • Harassment or violation of the privacy of others.
  • Violation of federal, state, or local obscenity laws, including the viewing or printing of sexually explicit materials.
  • Attempts to abuse, modify, or harm computer equipment.
  • Minors, less than 18, may not use Library computers for any type of interactive communication.

The Bedford Public Library requires computer users to respect the rights and sensibilities of all Library customers. Viewing of inappropriate images or content will result in loss of computer privileges. Failure to comply with Library policy or staff direction may result in immediate restriction or termination of computer privileges.

The Library reserves the right to inspect or observe the use made of its equipment and resources for the purposes of enforcement of these policies. Persons accessing the Library’s wireless network are subject to all aspects of this policy. The Library will be the sole arbitrator of what constitutes a violation of this policy.

Reviewed and approved November 2018 and November 2019. Revised November 2020. Reaffirmed November 2021.


The Library administration will maintain a pleasant and safe place for all persons using and working in the Library. Any person who disrupts Library operations may be asked to leave the Library. Persons who commit illegal acts, or violations of this policy, will be asked to leave and may be subject to arrest and prosecution under Indiana Code 35-43-2-2 or other applicable law, depending on the circumstances. This policy is intended to provide a reasonable approach to ensuring that all Library patrons are able to enjoy the materials and services offered by the Library in an environment that is enjoyable and safe.

Disruptive behavior is prohibited inside the Library or anywhere on Library property, including our parking areas. For purposes of this policy, disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to, the following types of behavior (this list is not intended to be exhaustive, but is instead intended to provide examples):

  • Committing or attempting to commit any activity that would constitute a crime under local, state, or federal laws
  • Possession of alcohol, illegal substances, or a weapon (except as specifically authorized by state law) on Library property
  • Use of Library property or materials in a manner for which it is not intended
  • Selling, polling, petitioning, soliciting, panhandling, or loitering on Library property
  • Use of devices that disrupt others’ use of the Library
  • Vaping, smoking, or use of any tobacco products on Library property
  • Entering non-public areas of the Library, unless authorized by staff
  • Poor bodily hygiene that interferes with others’ use of the Library
  • Not wearing shoes and shirt or wearing clothing that does not adequately cover the body
  • Displaying unwanted attention toward another person
  • Inappropriate displays of affection
  • Abusive, threatening, or harassing behavior in any form
  • Any behavior or language that is distractingly loud, offensive or interferes with another person’s Library use
  • Occupying spaces intended for limited public use when uninvited (e.g. program rooms, children’s floor, family restrooms)
  • Entering Library with animals other than authorized service animals or service animals in-training
  • Sleeping
  • Interfering with Library staff, their performance of duties, or refusal to follow reasonable direction from staff
  • Violating other Library policies

Approved by the Bedford Public Library Board August 17, 2022

Equity of Access

Public libraries are important sources of information for society. They serve as the public access portal to information in each community. The digital world has revolutionized how the public obtains information and how libraries provide access to it. The Bedford Public Library helps to ensure that our citizens can access the information they want and need regardless of age, education, ethnicity, religion, sex or sexual orientation, income, or physical limitation. Consistent with our vision to provide knowledge, hope, and endless possibilities to our citizens the Bedford Public Library provides information to customers in a variety of formats.

Approved by the Bedford Public Library Board January 21, 2016.

Privacy Policy

Bedford Public Library will respect the privacy of all users in compliance with federal and state laws as well as professional standards. The Library will not reveal personally identifiable information of individual users or reveal what information sources or services they consult under most circumstances unless required by law to do so. This policy applies to all resources regardless of their format or means of delivery as well as to all services offered by the Library.

The Library collects limited data about its users in order to provide in-person and electronic Library services. All Library records and other information relating to an individual's use of the Library and its resources are considered confidential. These records include, but are not limited to, address and other registration information, reference or informational questions asked, interlibrary loan transactions, registrations for Library events and electronic communications, and computer database searches. This information may be consulted while carrying out Library business and used by Library staff and authorized third-party businesses contracted to provide electronic services.

This policy does not apply to external applications or websites that may be accessed from the Library's public computers.

Further inquiries should be directed to the Library in care of the Library Director.

Approved September 16, 2020 by the Bedford Public Library Board.

Program Room

The program room is available to governmental units for informational, educational, or cultural meetings. Use of the room does not imply endorsement of any viewpoint by the Library Board or staff. The code of conduct for Library use applies to all persons/groups using the program room.


• Contact the Library to schedule use of the room 812.275.4471.
• Room bookings may be cancelled by the Library up to two weeks in advance if the room is needed for Library purposes.
• Reservations are accepted up to two months in advance. No more than two bookings per group per month.
• Room capacity set by the State Fire Marshall is 49.
• Projection equipment is available and must be requested when the room is reserved.
• The room is available only during regular Library hours. The program room must be vacated 15 minutes before the Library closes.
• No activity shall be scheduled that:
     • may endanger the safety and security of Library customers
     • sells or endorses products or services
     • solicits money, fees, donations, or memberships
• All activities must be free and open to the general public.
• The Library must not be identified as a sponsor or listed as a contact for information without permission from the Library administration.
• Refreshments should be limited to drinks and simple snacks only.

     1. Library programs
     2. Governmental units

Approved by the Bedford Public Library Board July 2015. Revised May 2022.

Request for Public Records Held by Bedford Public Library

In accordance with IC 5-14-3-3, any person may inspect and copy the public records of the Bedford Public Library during the regular business hours of the Library, except as provided in IC 5-14-3-4. A request for inspection or copying must:

     1. identify with reasonable particularity the record being requested; and
     2. be in writing, using the Request for Public Records Held by Bedford Public Library.

The Request for Public Records Held by Bedford Public Library must be submitted in-person, by mail, or by submitting an online form at www.bedlib.org. These forms are available online and at our circulation desk.

All requests for Public Records Held by the Bedford Public Library will be reviewed by the Director, who will contact the individual making a request within seven days of receipt of the request.

Approved by the Bedford Public Library Board on March 15, 2023.

Access Request Forms

Safe Child Policy

We want children to be safe and secure while visiting the Library. To assure the well-being of all children on our premises, we require that children under twelve be in the presence of a parent or caregiver 14 years of age or older. The local police department or Child Protective Services may be called any time the safety or security of an unattended child is threatened in the Library or on Library property.

Approved by the Bedford Public Library Board April 24, 2013.